Hello, Atlanta!


Downtown Style

Downtown Atlanta's renaissance has been fueled by a shift in priorities as forward-thinking individuals redefine what’s important to them. They want shorter commutes (or no commute); they appreciate unique work and living spaces; they want to use fewer resources; they value the convenience of living within arm’s reach of amenities and services. 

Whether you prefer a renovated loft space in a historic building, open-plan living in a sleek condo, or luxury living in a soaring high-rise, Downtown Atlanta has something for everyone.

In the last 10 years, nearly $4 billion in completed real estate investment has been made in downtown Atlanta and another $4 billion worth of development being planned or under construction. Huge projects like Mercedes-Benz Stadium developments like Philips Arena and Underground Atlanta — which is said to be planning the rare urban grocery store — are rounding out development downtown, checking off the boxes for people who want the perfect place to live, work and play.

Click below for details about these buildings and more of my Downtown favorites — then contact me for details about current availability!